Introducing the Technology of Participation on Vimeo


Well done and thank you to Bill Staples of ICA Associates in Canada and the team at Youth Empowerment Studios in the USA for this updated video introduction to ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation methods.

Readers with long memories may remember the original VHS video produced in the 1990s. This covers the same ground, but has been updated for the digital age last year.  Bill gave us a preview at the ICA International gathering in Nepal last October, and I am pleased to see that it is now publicly available online at vimeo.

The video provides a 25 minute introduction to the ToP Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop methods, the foundations of the ToP approach.  If you have taken ICA’s Group Facilitation Methods course you should find the content familar and may find the video a helpful refresher.  If you have not taken the course, then watch the video and maybe consider it – the video is a useful resource, but really no substitute for being there!

Alternatively, ICA Associates are now offering Group Facilitation Methods online, in case being there in person is really not an option for you….