Who I work with

photo by Adam Swann

I work with people in groups who have some common interest, goal or problem that they need to address together. This includes work teams, management teams and Boards within organisations of all sizes and in all sectors. It also includes groups that cross the boundaries of teams, departments, organisations and sectors. Often these groups come together to enable organisations to engage with their stakeholders or bring about organisation-wide change, or to enable alliances and partnerships to develop and achieve common goals together in the wider community or society.

I work particularly with voluntary organisations of civil society, with public and cross-sector partnerships, and with development and humanitarian agencies.  I work locally, nationally, internationally and online, from my home base in London.

My clients most often come to me because they have identified a need or an opportunity for collaboration, but they lack the skills or confidence to bring people together and make it happen. Very often they or the people they need to work with have been frustrated or hurt by experiences of working together before, and they fear further wasted effort or further pain. They all seem to have had enough of conversations that go nowhere, meetings that achieve nothing, and plans that never happen.  For what I do to help clients in such situations, please see how I work.

I often work solo with clients on smaller, simpler and shorter-term projects, and with a co-facilitator or a team on larger, more complex and longer-term projects. To deliver to scale and to draw on additional specialist expertise, I partner with experienced facilitators from my extensive network of associates in the UK and worldwide.

I am an associate provider & consultant of organisations including AlignYourOrg, BOND, EU Agenda, ICA:UK, IFE, Julhiet SterwenKellow Learning, Lorensbergs & PeopleZone.

Recent facilitation contracts include (see below for facilitation training):

Recent facilitation training contracts include:

Feedback received from clients and partners includes:

  • Martin is a master facilitator, and has continually delivered for us in a variety of complex and demanding settings
  • Martin can handle a range of situations. He is both creative and honest in dealing with clients, and good at handling sensitive political situations
  • Martin did a great job of facilitating complex two day meetings, with participants from all over the world and diverse backgrounds, difficult agendas and a huge amount of ground to cover
  • Martin’s skills enabled him to quickly understand and simplify a complex subject and design a highly effective workshop with key stakeholders. This enabled the group to collaborate and develop a robust and practical action plan
  • Martin’s project management skills ensured we achieved our challenging deadlines on budget.
  • I would have no hesitation in engaging Martin again to facilitate complex participatory strategic planning workshops, and would highly recommend his training courses to anyone who wants to work collaboratively with their colleagues and stakeholders
  • As a trainer Martin created good atmosphere in an international group. His presentations were crispy clear, illustrated by carefully chosen, practical examples from his rich facilitator experience.
  • Martin brings a rigour to the teaching of facilitation which means that participants leave the workshop fully ready to go and put it into practice the very next day
  • Martin delivered an excellent course.  He spent time understanding our specific requirements to ensure that the delivery was relevant
  • I still regard the Technology of Participation training as the best single course I have ever been involved in.
  • ICA UK’s training sessions for our team have had a significant positive impact on our organisation, and we are glad to continue working with Martin and his colleagues
  • Martin is extremely well organized, unfazeable and empowering. He has a huge toolbox to draw from. I’ve always found Martin extremely supportive in my own personal growth, and would not hesitate to recommend him

For more on my work, and what others have to say about it, please see how I work and recommendations & case studies – or view my profile and connect with me on LinkedIn.

You can connect with me also by joining my free facilitation webinars online, and IAF England & Wales’ free facilitation meetups in London and elsewhere.

I welcome the opportunity to offer an initial telephone consultation at no cost and with no obligation, and I am glad to offer reduced rates or pro bono services when I can to groups that I am keen to support. So, if you may be interested in having me work with you, please contact me and let’s talk!

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