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ICA:UK ToP Group Facilitation Methods training, 2015 in London - photo Michael Ambjorn, facilitation Martin Gilbraith #ToPfacilitation ICA:UK ToP Group Facilitation Methods training, 2015 in London - photo Michael Ambjorn, facilitation Martin Gilbraith #ToPfacilitation

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I work with people in groups who have some common interest, goal or problem that they need to address together. This includes work teams, management teams, Boards and General Assemblies within organisations of all sizes and in all sectors. It also includes groups that cross the boundaries of teams, departments, organisations and sectors. Often these groups come together to enable organisations to engage with their stakeholders, or to bring about system-wide change. Often they come together in order to develop alliances and partnerships to achieve common goals together in the wider community or society. It also includes long and short-term learning communities and communities of practice. In coaching and mentoring I work with individuals as well.

I work particularly with international NGOs and voluntary organisations of civil society, with public and cross-sector partnerships, with development and humanitarian agencies and with campaign groups. Most of my work is therefore multi-cultural, often also multi-lingual. I also work locally, nationally and regionally. I now work mostly online, from my home in central London.

My clients most often come to me because they have identified a need or an opportunity for collaboration, but they lack the skills or confidence to bring people together and make it happen. Very often they or the people they need to work with have been frustrated or hurt by experiences of working together, and they fear further wasted effort or pain. They all seem to have had enough of conversations that go nowhere, meetings that achieve nothing, and plans that never happen. For what I do to help clients in such situations, please see how I work.

I sometimes work solo with clients on smaller, simpler and shorter-term projects, and in consulting, coaching and mentoring. I often work with a co-facilitator or a team on larger, more complex and longer-term projects. To deliver to scale and to draw on additional specialist expertise, I partner with experienced facilitators from my extensive network of associates in the UK and worldwide.

I am an associate provider & consultant of organisations including AlignYourOrg, Berrett-Koehler, BOND, ICA Associates Inc., ICA:UK, Kumquat Consult, Lorensbergs, Nordic Consulting Group and Orla Cronin Research.

Recent client contracts include:

See also about me, how I work and recommendations & case studies, and please contact me about how we might work together.

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