ToP facilitation training

For public courses, please register with ICA:UK or another ICA worldwide. To arrange an in-house course for your group, please contact me.

I am a IAF Certified Professional Facilitator | Master (CPF | M), an ICA Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF) and an experienced lead trainer and licensed provider of ‘ICA’s ‘ToP’ facilitation training.

Looking for accredited learning? All face-to-face courses except Facilitating Client Collaboration are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management for an ILM Development Award.

IAF endorsed training

Preparing for CPF certification? Meetings That Work, Group Facilitation Methods and Facilitating Client Collaboration together comprise the ICA Associates ToP Facilitation Essentials Program that has been endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators for those preparing to become an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF).

Participants in all ICA:UK ToP courses are eligible for student rate IAF membership, representing a 50% discount on your first year’s fee. IAF membership is a requirement for CPF certification.

For course details, follow these links:

Online only:

  1. Introduction to Facilitation Online – Introducing the role of the facilitator and the ToP approach, plus some key tips & tools – 2.5 hours
  2. Introduction to Producing Virtual Events – Build your knowledge and confidence to play the technical support role of Producer role in facilitated virtual events – 2.5 hours
  3. Facilitating Virtual Events – Learn and practice ways to make online events participatory, engaging and productive – 7 x2 hour sessions plus homework.

Face-to-face or online:

Note that I am currently working mostly only online:

  1. Meetings That Work – practical tools to design and lead effective meetings – 2 days, or 4 x2 hour sessions online plus homework
  2. Group Facilitation Methods – introducing the foundations of the ToP approach, two powerful techniques for structuring effective conversations and building group consensus – 2 days, or 8 x2 hour sessions online
  3. Facilitating Client Collaboration – practical tools to design facilitation approaches with your client – 2 days or 4 x2-2.5 hour session online
  4. Action Planning – participatory planning for short-term projects and events – 1 day or 3 x2 hour sessions online plus homework
  5. Participatory Strategic Planning – bringing people together to create strategies for action – 2 days, or 8 x2.5 hour sessions online
  6. Organisational Transformation – frameworks and tools for facilitating ‘whole systems’ change – 2 days, or 6 x2 hour sessions online

See also about me, how I work and recommendations & case studies, and please contact me about how we might work together.