Introduction to Facilitation Online

Promoting Inclusion in Online Facilitation

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Introducing the role of the facilitator and the ToP approach, plus some key tips & tools, online – 2.5 hours, online

“[This] online facilitation training about ToP methodology & current challenges when facilitating online… was excellent! Great integration of the various tools being used currently & insights into Focused Conversations & ORID principle. You have definitely sparkled my interest into putting it all into practice and you made technology sound so easy!”

Iwona Wilson (Polowy) CPF, Facilitator, Strategic Planner, Trainer and Author – Jun 4, 2020

Who this course is for

This online training session draws on elements of standard ICA:UK ‘ToP’ courses including Meetings That Work and Group Facilitation Methods, adapted to an online learning environment and to application in online facilitation.

The session is for all those who want to be able to engage people more effectively and inclusively, especially online, including team leaders and managers within organisations, those working with Boards, management teams, partnerships and external stakeholders, youth and community workers and independent facilitators.

The session has no pre-requisite. It is suitable for those seeking an online introduction to facilitation, and for those seeking an introduction to online facilitation.  Those who have prior training or experience in ICA’s Technology of Participation may gain additional insights into the application of that particular approach online.

Questions this course answers

“What does a facilitator do, really, and how does that apply in an online setting? How can I best select and apply tools & methods to support my groups to achieve their aims together online? What else do I need to take into account before, during and between sessions, in order to make them engaging, inclusive and effective?”

What you will gain

By the end of the course, you will

  • have experienced some key facilitation tools and methods in the context of an online session – including Zoom, Google docs, Mentimeter and Flinga and the ToP (ORID) Focused Conversation method
  • have explored three dimensions of the role of the facilitator in online meetings and workshops, in relation to your own experience and challenges
  • have gained tips & tools that can make your online sessions more engaging, inclusive and effective, and identified opportunities for your own further learning
  • have gained confidence to apply key insights in your own practice, and connections with others for mutual learning and support.

The Technology of Participation (ToP) is an approach pioneered and refined by ICA in over 50 years of experience worldwide. This is a proven system of methods and tools that can be adapted and applied to help all sorts of groups accomplish a wide variety of tasks together. The core values of the ToP approach, which inform all of my work, are inclusive participation, teamwork and collaboration, individual and group creativity, ownership and action, reflection and learning.

The Focused Conversation method provides a structured, four-level process for effective communication which ensures that everyone in a group has the opportunity to participate.

Learning style

The session will present methods, tools & tips in a practical and participatory way. The ToP Focused Conversation method and other tools & tips will be first demonstrated, and then talked through in presentation with Q&A. Finally, participants will have an opportunity to consider what they can apply and how they can continue their learning.

Slides shared during the session will be made available for future reference, along with a video recording of the session and other outputs including chat text and poll results.

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