A Compassionate Civilization: The Urgency of Sustainable Development and ‘Mindful Activism’

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A Compassionate Civilization: The Urgency of Sustainable Development and Mindful Activism’

Thursday 14 June 2018, 15.00 UK time 

In this session we will explore the role of facilitation in sustainable development and ‘mindful activism’ for social change.

I shall be joined for this session by Robertson Work, author of the recent book ‘A Compassionate Civilization: The Urgency of Sustainable Development and Mindful Activism‘, available from Amazon; and again by Sunny Walker CPF CTF of the Virtual Facilitation Collaborative.

Rob writes in his Preface to the book:

“This book is being published now because of the urgent need for a compelling vision, practical actions, and effective tools to catalyze what has become necessary in this moment of multiple crises. It is offered as an opportunity to reflect deeply on what is happening in our communities and societies and how we can each help create a better world for all. In this book, you can participate in a conversation about this most critical decade and century. My heartfelt hope is that by dialoguing with these reflections, you might be challenged, inspired, and equipped to participate further in the adventure of realizing a compassionate civilization day by day.

This book aims to serve the growing number of activists and caring citizens in the United States and around the world who know that these are the times and we are the people. It is not a technical book for experts; it is for everyone who cares. This is the moment for this book to be in your hands.”

Robertson Work is adjunct professor of public service, he is founder/director of Innovative Leadership Services and facilitator/trainer for UNDESA, UN Habitat and the East-West Center, among others. Previously he was UNDP’s Principal Policy Adviser of Decentralized Governance for 16 years at UN headquarters in New York. Prior to UNDP, he served in Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Jamaica, USA and Venezuela for 21 years as country and regional director with the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA).

Rob will share something of how his experience of facilitation and ICA’s Technology of Participation influenced his thinking, and the format of the book, and how he sees the role of facilitation in realising a Compassionate Civilization.

We will invite you to share some of your own experience of faciliation for social change, and to respond with us to questions that are raised.

Each session in this series is hosted in Adobe Connect for a highly interactive learning experience. Each topic is addressed by a short case study or other presentation, with links to further online material for later reference. In the sessions we apply tools and techniques of virtual facilitation to help participants to engage with the material and the presenter, and with their own and each other’s experience on the topic. A short technical orientation directly before the session introduces the features of the virtual meeting room, and the tools to be used. A brief closing reflection at the end of the session invites reflection and learning on the facilitation process and virtual tools, as well as on the content of the session

To whet your appetite, read the Preface and Foreword of the book at ICA International, browse the blog A Compassionate Civilization and check out these recent interviews with Rob at Buddhist DoorDemocratic Perspective and Speaking of Travel.

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