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Thank you again to everyone who participated in today’s free facilitation webinar Nimble: off script but still on track, and especially to today’s guest presenter Rebecca Sutherns. Here below you will find the session recording, presentation slides and other resources shared.

In this session we explored how to be nimble and responsive in facilitation, how to improvise and stay on track – even when you go off script. I was joined for the session by Rebecca Sutherns CPF, author of the newly published book “Nimble: Off Script but Still On Track – a coaching guide for responsive facilitation“, and again by Sunny Walker of the Virtual Facilitation Collaborative.

If you have ever worried about how to respond to difficulties in leading a group, you are in good company. If you have (and, perhaps more importantly, if you have not), Rebecca’s book will help you to avoid being the “Oblivious Facilitator”. Nimble is packed with valuable and practical tips for before, during & after a session, all richly illustrated from Rebecca’s extensive professional experience. Your most powerful tool as facilitator is yourself – learn the Anticipation, Agility and Absorption that will give you the capacity and courage to facilitate Nimbly!

Rebecca writes: “None of us can predict with 100% accuracy what will happen when we’re in front of a group of people. We need to be prepared, but also prepared to adapt. Whether you are a presenter, facilitator, teacher, chairperson or negotiator, Nimble will equip you to respond effectively when you’re taken by surprise. Learn how to craft a careful script, then to hold that script loosely so that you can adjust in real time to whatever’s happening in the room. Find out how to achieve the purpose of your session, even when the route you took to get there contained a few unexpected detours along the way.”

Rebecca shared insights and stories from the book, and from her own wealth of experience. We invited you to share your own reflections, insights and stories as well – some of the difficulties you have experienced or worried about, how you have responded to the unexpected and what you have learned along the way.

Session materials & additional resources shared include:

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