Re-Tooling for Virtual Facilitation – podcast with Vinay Kumar

Re-Tooling for Virtual Facilitation - Shiny Happy People podcast

I am grateful to Vinay Kumar, host of the Shiny Happy People podcast of C2C-OD, for the opportunity to join him as a guest for this week’s new 30-minute episode on Re-Tooling for Virtual Facilitation in this time of global pandemic.

Listen now, or see the show notes and audiogram below first for what to expect…

Re-Tooling for Virtual facilitation – SHOW NOTES

As our playground moves from face-to-face to virtual, two IAF Certified Professional Facilitators take a closer look at the skills, practices, and techniques that are helping and can help facilitators become better and more effective today. Vinay, who is currently Chair of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), invites friend and IAF colleague, Martin Gilbraith who is currently Chair of IAF England & Wales, to share insights, observations and trends and expertise from the world of virtual facilitation.

[06:15s] Virtual facilitation – trends and observations

[12:34s] How are organizations responding to virtual facilitation?

[17:00s] Hybrid or purely virtual facilitation – the future

[22:38s] Skills, tips, best practices for effective virtual facilitation

[26:00s] RWL Martin’s recommendations to:

LISTEN: ‘Facilitation Stories’ podcast by IAF England & Wales

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