International Facilitation Week is fast approaching!

International Facilitation Week 2013I am delighted to be supporting the first annual International Facilitation Week, October 21-27 – now fast approaching.  Sponsored by the International Association of Facilitators, Facilitation Week is an opportunity for facilitators worldwide to connect with each other to celebrate and promote the power of facilitation.

As a one of a small virtual team of IAF members convened to promote the Week through social media, I am already busily tweeting as @FacWeek, and preparing with IAF Canada member @BenZiegler to host one or more twitter chats during the Week. Please tweet us with your ideas of chat topics, and of course please follow and participate!

Further details of Facilitation Week have been circulated by IAF Conferences Director Carol Sherriff, including some suggested activities, a press briefing and sample press release, and top 10 facilitation tips.

What will you be doing to celebrate? Please let us know (tweet #FacWeek or @FacWeek), and so connect and join with facilitators worldwide in promoting the power of facilitation!

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