Celebrate International Facilitation Week with ‘#FacWeek Daily’

International Facilitation Week 2013International Facilitation Week is with us at last – 21-27 October 2013 will see a worldwide celebration of the power of facilitation.

Andi Roberts CPF has written a great introduction to twitter for facilitators “FAQ: Twitter for facilitators“. If that isn’t yet enough to encourage you to take the plunge and become a tweeter yourself, you can now keep abreast of at least some of what you are missing by subscribing to ‘#FacWeek Daily‘ by email, for a daily bulletin of twitter links & updates during International Facilitation Week itself. For the rest of the year the online paper will convert to a weekly edition.

All contributions to ‘#FacWeek Daily‘ are welcome – for those using twitter, simply tweet your content to @FacWeek or use the #FacWeek hashtag.

Join us in celebrating the power of facilitation worldwide!

#FacWeek daily

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