Free facilitation webinar – How engaging can a large facilitated online session be?

blog-imageAre you interested to learn more about facilitation, and ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP) methodology in particular – in a free, one-hour, interactive online session that offers an experience of virtual facilitation as well? Please join me for my new series of free facilitation webinars.

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blog-image 500x250How engaging can a large facilitated online session be?

Monday 18 April, 13.00 BST

In this session I shall share some learnings from the design and facilitation of an online conference of the UN Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO), that involved more than 900 participants over six 2-hour sessions. I shall be joined for the session by my client for the conference, Illias Animon of the FAO Forestry Economics department.

For more information on the FAO online conference, and links to the conference website and session recordings, see my February 2015 blog post How engaging can a large facilitated online session be?

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Each session in this series of free facilitation webinars will be hosted in Adobe Connect for a highly interactive learning experience.

Each topic will be addressed by a short case study or other presentation, supplemented by links to further online material for later reference. Sessions will apply tools and techniques of virtual facilitation to help participants to engage with the material and the presenter, and with their own and each other’s experience on the topic. A short technical orientation directly before the session will introduce the features of the virtual meeting room and the tools to be used. A brief closing reflection at the end of the session will invite reflection and learning on the facilitation process and virtual tools as well as on the content of the session.

For full voice participation in the session for a more conversational experience, microphone rights will be available to up to 15 participants who are first to login and set up their audio. Others will be able to listen and interact via their keyboard alone.

Register now on Eventbrite, and register your interests on Surveymonkey.

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