IAF England & Wales – our 2019 report, and your 2020 input please!

Are you involved or interested in connecting, networking & learning with other facilitators and with others with an interest in facilitation in England & Wales?

Please take a few minutes to complete our survey, to help to make IAF England & Wales and our facilitation meetups more valuable to you and to others in the coming year.  Your responses will provide invaluable input to the annual face-to-face planning & team-building meeting of the IAF E&W chapter Board and wider Leadership Team, in Birmingham in January – and it is not too late to join us there if you are keen to get more involved!

For an update on our meetups, Annual Conference and other activities in 2019, please check out the recording of our 2 December online annual meeting, above, and the 2019 Board report slides that we shared then.

IAF E&W members, please do vote in our online chapter Board election, if you haven’t already – the poll closes on Dec 12 (not to be confused with that other poll on Dec 12). Do let us know if you haven’t found your own link to the poll, sent to members by email…

To complete the survey, please click here – thank you for your input!

See also about me, how I work, who I work with and recommendations & case studies, and please contact me about how we might work together. Please do not delay before contacting me – the earlier I hear from you, the more chance that I will be able to help and the more helpful I may be able to be.

Register now on Eventbrite for my free facilitation webinars, and for my regularly scheduled ToP facilitation training courses in London and Brussels.

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