What does it take for people to align behind change? #FacWeekChat 2015

#FacWeekChat 2015Celebrate International Facilitation Week 2015 by joining #FacWeekChat on twitter, to share your experience and to connect with and learn from others.

International Facilitation Week, 19-25 October in 2015, is an annual event convened by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and intended to showcase the power of facilitation to both new and existing audiences, and to create a sense of community among facilitators and their groups worldwide.  The last two years I partnered with Ben Ziegler of IAF in Canada to host twitter chats on the history and future of facilitation and on interactivity and diversity in facilitation.

For  2015, I am excited to be partnering to host a pair of twitter chats with Michael Ambjorn of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and Faith Forster of the Change Management Institute (CMI), all of us located in London.

We hope that partnering together on a topic of mutual interest will not only attract more people to join the chat, but also help to make connections and foster broader collaboration between our associations and between our our professions.  Already some reciprocal conference discounts are available to members of the three associations – for example at this year’s IABC Europe MENA conference in London that I reviewed in Power to the People, and the power of facilitation and communications in partnership and the upcoming CMI conference Change in the Age of Disruption (11-12 November in London, Sydney and online).

Please join us on Friday October 23, 10-11am & 4-5pm UK time – join either or both chat, according to which times suit you where you are.

The topic for the two chats this year will be change, and what can be done to help people to align together to make change happen. Each chat will include 6-8 questions for you to respond to, spaced out throughout the hour – and of course you can respond to others’ responses, and add questions of your own, as you might in any chat.

The many tweets of a twitter chat are followed by using a common hashtag, in this case #FacWeekChat as in previous years. We will document the chats on Storify, as we have in previous years.

New to Twitter, or Twitter chats (Tweet chats)?  Check out Twitter Chats 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting or Joining a Twitter Chat.

Please join us on October 23, and tweet to invite all your twitter friends. Got questions that can’t wait? Contact any of us via twitter – @martingilbraith, @michaelambjorn, @faithforster.

What else will you be doing to celebrate? Please let the world know by tweeting #FacWeek or @FacWeek, and so connect and join with facilitators and others worldwide in promoting the power of facilitation!

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