IAF Brussels facilitators & friends meet up, 20 October

IAF_Logo_IFW2015_RGBAre you interested in meeting up in Brussels with other facilitators and others interested in facilitation, for informal networking & sharing – and to join in celebrating and promoting the power of facilitation during International Facilitation Week, 19-15 October?

Join me and IAF Belgium members from 5-7pm on Tuesday 20 October in central Brussels. Members and non-members of IAF (International Association of Facilitators) are equally welcome. The meetup will be free and informal.

Please RVSP on the doodle poll to indicate if you can join us and to see who else is coming, and contact me or add a comment to the poll if you can host us at your place or suggest a suitable central place to meet, or if you are interested in future meetups. Be sure to leave your email address if I may not not have it.  I shall confirm the venue on the doodle poll for those attending.

This is the first time for such a gathering in recent years, so the emphasis will be on getting to know each other and exploring interests and possibilities for future networking, learning and collaboration.  I shall be there to share the experience of the IAF London facilitators and friends meetup group, now in its third year of regular monthly gatherings. Your experience and suggestions are invited, for this first gathering and for the future.

I have been involved with ICA in Belgium for many years, and I have been delivering ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation training in Brussels two or three time a year in recent years, from my base in London – my next Brussels courses are Group Facilitation Methods & Action Planning, November 17-18 & 19.

My experience suggests to me that there is a great opportunity to further promote facilitation and IAF in Brussels, at least – I am less familiar with Belgium as a whole. I am hoping to be able to refer participants on my Brussels courses to a local group, perhaps a future chapter of the IAF EMENA region, where they can network and learn with others and perhaps find other opportunities for mutual support and collaboration.

How do you see as the opportunities for networking with other facilitators in Belgium?

If you can’t join us in Brussels, please join us on twitter with the hashtags #FacWeek and #IAFMeetUp!

2 thoughts on “IAF Brussels facilitators & friends meet up, 20 October

  1. Thank you Manuel for offering to host us for our meetup next week, right next to Gare Central. The place is a former restaurant, now being converted into an events space. It is largely empty now, and with lots of space! Manuel will provide wine for you to purchase by the glass, and you are invited to bring any other drinks or snacks you would like to have or share. Please also feel free to bring any brochures or material to share about your work.

    To join us, please RSVP at http://doodle.com/poll/4sxqg4ekhzdti9kf

  2. In case you are free in Brussels on October 22 but not October 20…

    Rather late I just discovered another IAF member hosting another first & exploratory facilitation meetup in Brussels, on October 22 at 6pm – I am sorry that I did not discover it earlier so that we could join forces in advance!

    The organiser Artu Kasza will be in Poland for our date (and I will be in London for his) so I have suggested that we each go ahead as planned and discuss when we meet, and after, how we might combine.

    So please attend the other meetup if you can, as well as or instead of this one – sign up at http://www.meetup.com/Facilitators-in-Brussels-Meetup/events/225750974/ and please let us know how it goes!

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