Join me for ToP facilitation training in 2020, now also online!

I am excited to share details of my updated public schedule of training and learning opportunities for 2020, including now more than ever online – and of course, due to COVID-19, somewhat less face-to-face.

Read on for details and dates for:

  • Free facilitation webinars – next up “Taking your event online: what could possibly go wrong?” in May and “How engaging can your online session be?” in June
  • Introduction to Facilitation OnlineIntroducing the role of the facilitator and the ToP approach, plus some key tips & tools, 2.5 hours, starting in June & July
  • Group Facilitation Methods OnlineIntroducing the foundations of the ToP approach, two powerful techniques for structuring effective conversations and building group consensus – a series of 6 x2 hour sessions in June/July
  • Facilitating Virtual Events I Online – Learn and practice ways to make online events participatory, engaging and productive – a series of 6-7 x2 hour sessions, online

Register now on Eventbrite for these and remaining 2020 courses in London and Brussels, and please share these details with friends, colleagues and networks who might be interested.

IAF members enjoy a special 10% discount – see Exclusive Offers for IAF Members. Additional online sessions will be published here and on Eventbrite as the year unfolds.

Group Facilitation Methods Online

6 x2 hours, 3-5pm UK time Mon 22 June – Thu 2 July

I shall be joined for this course by Jo Nelson of ICA Associates Inc. as guest trainer. Jo is the main designer of Group Facilitation Methods Online and co-author of Getting to the Bottom of ToP – exploring the foundations of ICA’s Technology of Participation. She is a founding member of the International Association of Facilitators and was inducted in 2014 into the IAF Hall of Fame.

IAF endorsed training

Preparing for CPF certification? Group Facilitation Methods is one of three courses that comprise the ICA Associates ToP Facilitation Essentials Program that has been endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators for those preparing to become an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF).

The course introduces the foundations of the ToP facilitation approach, two powerful techniques for structuring effective conversations and building group consensus.

The Focused Conversation method provides a structured, four-level process for effective communication which ensures that everyone in a group has the opportunity to participate.

The Consensus Workshop method is a five stage process that enables a facilitator to draw out and weave together everybody’s wisdom into a clear and practical consensus.

Note that this course does not teach online facilitation – it uses online technology to teach the same Group Facilitation Methods that are taught in the face-to-face course (regularly scheduled in London & Brussels), so that you can use them either online or face to face.

This course is strictly limited to no more than 12 participants, and five are already pre-booked – register now on Eventbrite to ensure your place!

Promoting Inclusion in Online Facilitation

Introduction to Facilitation Online

Thursday, 4 June 14:30-17:00 UK time

Wednesday, 8 July, 10:30-13:00 UK time

Tuesday, 8 September 2020, 10.30-13.00 UK time

Introducing the role of the facilitator and the ToP approach, plus some key tips & tools (2.5 hours)

This online training session draws on elements of standard ICA:UK ‘ToP’ courses including Introduction to Group Facilitation, Meetings That Work and Group Facilitation Methods, adapted to an online learning environment and to application in online facilitation.

You will experience some key facilitation tools and methods in the context of an online session, including Zoom, Mentimeter and Jamboard and the ToP (ORID) Focused Conversation method. You will explore three dimensions of the role of the facilitator in online meetings and workshops, in relation to your own experience and challenges. You will be able to identify opportunities for your own further learning, and gain confidence to apply key insights in your own practice.

I shall be joined for this session by fellow ICA:UK ToP trainer Órla Cronin, designer and lead trainer of the ICA:UK introductory Virtual Facilitation Training.

Each session is limited to no more than 25 participants – register now on Eventbrite to ensure your place!

Free Facilitation Webinars

These free facilitation webinars offer an opportunity to learn more about facilitation, and ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP) in particular, in a free, one-hour, interactive online session that offers an experience of virtual facilitation as well. These two upcoming sessions in May & June are scheduled in partnership with ICA:UK and its new Online Focused Conversation Series: Taking time to connect, learn and reflect.


Taking your event online: what could possibly go wrong?
Tuesday, 5 May, 11:00-12:00 UK time

Your long-planned meeting, workshop or event, or that of your client, can no longer be held face-to-face. So it is decided to hold it online instead. What could possibly go wrong? What are some tips & tools that can help you – not to just make the best of it, but to make it the best? More inclusive, engaging and productive than ever before?

How engaging can your online event be

How engaging can your online session be?
Wednesday, 10 June, 12:00-13:00 UK time

Our meetings, workshops and events, our world, are increasingly moving online – now more than ever! So as leaders and facilitators we must be prepared to move with them.

Virtual sessions can have advantages over face-to-face, but disadvantages too – not least, shorter attention spans and greater potential for distractions. How can we keep people engaged and focused when meeting online?

These sessions are limited only by the Zoom room capacity of 100 participants. Join us to connect, share & learn – register now on Eventbrite!

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Register now on Eventbrite also for my regularly scheduled ToP facilitation training courses in London and Brussels, now also online.